The Pale Blue Eye: The long-awaited thriller is available on Netflix today

The Pale Blue Eye: The long-awaited thriller is available on Netflix today: The Pale Blue Eye came to Netflix with Christian Bale. The film is based on novel by Louis Bayard and starring Christian Bale. The Pale Blue Eye is an adaptation of the novel by American author Louis Bayard. Well-rounded mystery thriller with the endless talent of Christian Bale. Netflix secured the rights to the film for $ 55 million.

His long-awaited thriller Netflix entitled «The Pale Blue Eye» starring him Christian Bale, is now available on streaming service.

The case takes us to West Point in 1830. In the very early morning hours of a hazy winter day, a probationer is found dead. With the arrival of the corpse in the morgue, however, this tragic event acquires horrific dimensions when it is revealed that the heart of the test. Fearing irreparable damage to the young people of the military academy, its leaders assign a local detective. However, faced with the binding code of silence of the trials, Landor asks a colleague of the victim to investigate the case – an eccentric probationer who despises the strict, the young Edgar Allan Poe ( Harry Meling )

The direction of the film, based on the novel by Louis Bayard, is signed by Scott Cooper. The film stars well-known actors such as Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boydon, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Harry Loti, Simon McBur. The director Scott Cooper presents the right atmosphere that should exist in such cinematic works. O Christian Bale is one of the best actors of his generation.

The Pale Blue Eye Why see it

The Pale Blue Eye you won’t get tired at all. The director puts us directly into the subject. The movie is interesting from the first minute and keeps you awake. But you haven’t thought about the finale…

The Pale Blue Eye
The Pale Blue Eye

 The Pale Blue Eye Case Story

Bale impersonates the veteran Ntetektiv New York, Augustus Landor. We are in 1830 ( 19th century. ) and murder will upset the people of its American military Academy West Point. Will others follow; Landor is called upon by officials to take over the case. During the investigation, Landor will formally ask for help from a school probationer, Edgar Allan Poe (who impersonates him Harry Melling). Poe ( 1809 – 1849 ) was a poet and writer, one of the main representatives of the American one.

The Pale Blue Eye its fiction, but the author Louis Bayard placed Edgar Allan Poe ( existing person ) as a character in the center of a survey. Allan Poe was young then at West Point and then became a famous writer. Cooper claims that Bayard’s novel was also a source of inspiration for Poe himself.

The director Scott Cooper believes that The Pale Blue Eye is one hypothetical route of Allan Poe, who became a great writer from a young age. It typically says that: « What I want to say is that the events in the film shaped his view ( Poe ) of the world and helped him become the author he was and to have these constantly emerging issues around death, the. That is, all that belongs in the darkly romantic ».

Bale and Cooper work together for the third time after Out of the Furnace and Hostiles.

« I want to make movies that push me into a different, perhaps uncomfortable space, but I’m glad Christian is going there with me. I wanted to do this for over a decade and, fortunately for me, Christian has grown perfectly old in the leading character Cooper

The director (who is also a writer ) started writing The Pale Blue Eye 10 years ago. But Bale was too young to play retired Detective August Landor. Now, says Cooper, the famous actor is at the ideal age ( interpretively is impeccable ).

« He was very young when I first thought about doing this. Movies are meant to happen at the right time. Christian is always wanted, but being able to do that with him is a great pleasure for me », Cooper has said.

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