Money Heist ending explained Money Heist season 5 part 2 ending explained

With the release of season five, volume two, Money Heist or La Casa de Papel has finally come to a conclusion. The Netflix series has surged in popularity in recent years, and fans have been waiting for the dramatic climax with bated breath. Season Five Volume One ended with Tokyo’s Ursula Corbera shocking death, and Volume Two increased the stakes even higher. The final episode kicks off with the professor outside the bank, fully surrendered by the authorities. His Heist team looks defeated, and Tamayo immediately asks the professor where the gold is before arresting him.

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Money Heist Season 5 part 2 Money Heist ending explained

He then tells the professor the charges they are all facing. One Heist team member at a time. It’s mental torture, especially as he faces the one he loves. Lisbon. He believes one of them will tell him where the gold is because whoever tells him will be given an entirely new life.

Sierra is attempting to locate the gold while the professor engages with Tamayo. Two months after the spectacular first theft episode, Ten travels to the Philippines. The professor was plagued by the death of his brother. With several sleepless nights, he got obsessed with the bank of Spain. Heist in the current day, the professor broadcasts a video with Palermo from Pakistan revealing to the world how they took the National Reserve.

The country is now aware of its financial difficulties. It’s a financial meltdown. The video didn’t work because they got cash injections from the European Bank, Tamayo tells the professor and the Heist Squad. However, investors bet on Spain’s collapse, causing stock markets to sink and premium risks to skyrocket effectively bankrupting the country. Only the members of the Heist Squad are capable of stopping it.

The professor informs his team in the flashbacks that they will return the gold. These intentions infuriated Denver, the professor provides the gold and the current day, and Denver becomes increasingly enraged, believing that the ultimate objective is insane, Denver is susceptible, so Tamio interrogates him first. Sierra, Meanwhile strategizes and brainstorms a strategy they anticipate. The gold will be buried near a site purchased before the crime. The land registry is the next step to take.

Denver is offered a new life as well as a lifetime allowance and a retirement plan for himself and his family. By Tamayo, it’s a new beginning. Denver informs Tamayo that he has no idea where the gold is hidden. Denver is asked by Tamayo to write down what Lisbon does not want him to say to them. Instead, Denver mocks.

Money Heist ending explained

Tomorrow, he has then whisked away and is on his way out. He smiles at the Heist team and tells Stockholm that he loves her. He is applauded as he exits the bank, they applaud him. In the meantime, the professor and Lisbon are locked up in their cell. The final episode takes place in Madrid five years prior.

Raphael inquires as to why the professor is plotting a theft, Berlin explains to his son that robbery is their way of life, which his grandfather began the professor and Berlin reminisce about their father and their last moments with him. On the day their father was slain, the professor followed him. He watched him try to commit a bank robbery and was fatally shot as a child. The professor witnessed this. As his eyes tear up, he tells Raphael in Berlin that it felt like a movie.

He then informs Raphael that he intends to commit heists to communicate with his father. Angel has a theory the gold was moved in trucks, which can be tracked. They did, however, utilize fake trucks as part of the scheme to confuse the authorities and things are getting worse for Tamayo. The European Central Bank is doubtful and Spain is collapsing. The stock markets have already plummeted by 14%.

The pressure is building on him to clean up this mess. Tamayo takes his rage out on the professor right away, punching him while he’s restrained. The professor tells Tamayo that he might be wrong about what winning is and that he should worry about preserving the banks instead and that he only has one choice. Either they both win or they both lose. The professor then admits that neither he nor his people know where the gold is hidden.

He informs him that the gold is out and about in this economic tsunami, the professor assures them they are both unimportant. Lisbon and the professor are left alone in their cell and have an intimate talk. In a rare period of calm, Libson informs the professor that he performs heists for himself, not for his brother or father. She knows the man behind the mask, who has an inferiority complex, but he has his own magic trick. In a Clark Can outfit.

Money Heist ending explained


She advises him to remove the mask and be himself. Let’s grab them, Lisbon adds. As the couple tries to kiss passionately. Sierra and her squad go to the Land register office and kidnap the employees. She assigns the most experienced employee to locate the most recent plot purchases.

Meanwhile, flashbacks show the Tom Thumb plot, which involves leaving breadcrumbs for authorities to pursue. Angel follows the breadcrumbs dropped by Marseille, which were coordinated by the professor. They make the trail so difficult to follow that angel and Tamayo won’t have time to think about it. It leads to the Ocean’s bottom. Tamio instructs the Navy to get to the sea while claiming to the media that the bank is still a battle over the gold.

Palermo Palermo is giddy at the phony warning shots, knowing that there is still a chance they can carry off the Heist. They’re still alive, too. There is more optimism and good thinking. Every minute they are alive and in the bank. Another setback for Tamayo.

TheeThe with the world is given another footage of the theft squad melting down the gold. The stock market continues to fall just as the professor prophesied and the gold has left the bank of Spain. Then photographs of the Navy at sea are broadcast on the news. The professor is now in a position to bargain. Sierra, meantime, discovers the gold-bearing parcel of land, but they are quickly surrounded by Tatiana and her men for a fight.

As a result, Tamio sits down with the professor for a meeting tomorrow, on the other hand, isn’t interested in playing games and has threatened to execute his robbery team members. The professor warns him once more that they must either win or lose. Tomorrow goes before the press and declares that they have intercepted the gold from the trucks, promising trust and transparency. The professor directed him to say this. Meanwhile, Sierra is pitted against Tatiana, but Sierra dials Raphael’s number because she has a note from his uncle, the professor for him.

Trucks arrive carrying gold and the news declares that the debt situation has been resolved. Lisbon is informed that this is all part of the plan and that not all secrets are revealed. In bed. He believes that keeping this information hidden was necessary. Palermo asks the professor for his secret in the plan in a flashback because he doesn’t believe he would surrender and give up the gold.

The professor informs him that he is unable to share the final phase of the plan and refers to gold as an illusion. It means nothing to him, he says, and it’s just a physiological backup. He discloses that the gold in the rear of the vehicle is brass, indicating that it was a bar of gold for the fake gold trade. Tamayo is furious. Now that he has discovered the gold is brass.

Tamio orders the robbery team to be killed, but the professor informs Tamao that the economic crisis is passed. If the professor is Robin Hood, Tamao wonders why he’s doing this. Looking over Lisbon, the professor realizes his actual nature. He’s a thief. Lisbon quips to Tamayo that it’s ironic that one of the world’s most powerful economies will be bolstered by brass a different metal.

Money Heist ending explained

The professor then informs him that he will be a hero who carries another national secret and that it won’t matter. In the end, this is the point at which the spectator realizes that Tamario is the final piece of the puzzle. The professor knows how anxious he is to be a hero. I’m desperate for this to end. Since the beginning, he has been unable to cope with the stress.

Tamio isn’t convinced by the Professor’s last proposal and begins counting down from ten until he receives an answer, failing which everyone would be executed. The professor and Lisbon tell him that this is his last chance and warn him about the dangers. If he doesn’t act quickly. In a stressful moment, Tamio hits number one in his countdown, but the professor tells him it’s checkmate. Gunshots may be heard.

As the screen goes black, Tamio issues a public statement announcing that the heist is over. In the last resistance, he reports that Bogota, Rio, Manila, Pamplona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Palermo, Lisbon, and the professor have all been shot dead. The people weep as body bags are seen exiting the bank. Denver will be placed under witness protection until the investigation is completed, he adds. The professor appears to have gotten inside Tamayo’s heart.

In the series Riskiest Poker Move, the Robbery Squad unzips their body bags. They’re still alive. They were successful. Tamio didn’t want the enormous state secret to be divulged. And with the heist, the team deems dead by the state, the Heist dies with them.

He received what he desired. He rose to the status of Hero. The vault door closes, filled with brass bricks, revealing the irony of the fictitious economy. Raphael was inspired by Sierra’s message, and he believes he is carrying on his father’s legacy in his way. The time jumps to 24 hours later.

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