Residents of flood affected areas of Sylhet and Sunamganj get free internet and minute talk time.

Residents of flood-hit areas of Sylhet and Sunamganj can get free internet and mimet talktime at all SIM operators: Assalamu Alaikum. If you are looking at the article, it means that you are healthy. But Sylhet is not good. Let’s try to help the people of Sylhet by sharing this article. Everyone knows how terrible the flood situation has become in Sylhet and Sunamganj. There is no electricity here. The flood situation from Sylhet to Sunamganj is so bad that there is no condition to buy internet MB and the shops will not be able to open anything to recharge.

Considering all aspects, our popular four SIM companies have provided free internet and free talk time. We all know that the flood situation has occurred in almost all parts of Bangladesh, of which the situation in Sylhet is a little more dire. The communication system is completely disconnected there. Many people go there to help but the BRTC’s initiative is not able to help the communication system properly.

Grameenphone: Grameenphone is a very well known and first SIM company in Bangladesh. They have always been by the side of various natural disasters in Bangladesh. Therefore, in this critical moment, 10 minutes free talk time is reaching the customers in the flood affected areas of Sylhet division.

Robi: Another popular mobile SIM company in Bangladesh is Robi. They are offering 100 MB internet and 10 minutes talk time for free in flood prone areas. To get 100 MB free internet and 10 minutes talk time on Robi dial * 21291 * 1 #

Airtel: Courtesy of Robi Axiata Limited, Airtel is offering free 100 MB internet and 10 minutes talk time in flood prone areas of Sylhet division. To get free 100 MB internet and 10 minutes talk time dial * 212 * 1 #.

Teletalk: Bangladesh’s official mobile SIM brand. Teletalk is offering free 500 MB internet 20 SMS 15 minutes talk time in flood affected areas of Sylhet and Mymensingh divisions. Dial * 111 * 2022 * 8 # to get free 500 MB Internet 20 SMS 15 minutes talk time.

Banglalink: banglalink has not officially announced anything yet. But hopefully soon Banglalink will give free internet and free minutes talk time to the flood affected people.

Share this article as much as possible so that people in the affected areas can see this article and those who have gone there to help can see this article. It may help them at least a little bit.

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