Wowowin Live Today 2022

The Wowowin live today 2022 is an annual event that is organized by the Wowowin team. It is a two-day event that is held in different locations across the Philippines. The first day of the event is usually dedicated to the fans, while the second day is for the players and their families.

01.01 Wowowin is a Philippine television variety show broadcast by GMA Network. The show premiered on May 10, 2015, replacing Willing Willie.It is also aired worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV. The show is hosted by Willie Revillame.

Wowowin Live Today

Yes, Wowowin is live today. The show airs every Sunday at 6:00pm on GMA Network.

Wowowin Tutok to Win 2022

Wowowin is a Philippine game show that offers cash prizes and jackpots to its participants. The show is hosted by Willie Revillame and airs on GMA Network. In order to participate in Wowowin, contestants must first register online or through the Wowowin app.

After registering, they will be given a confirmation code which they will need to present at the Wowowin studio on the day of the taping. Once at the studio, contestants will undergo a brief orientation before taking their seats in front of the television cameras. The game itself is simple: Willie Revillame will ask questions and contestants must answer correctly in order to win money.

If a contestant gets a question wrong, they are eliminated from the game and cannot win any more money. The last contestant standing wins the grand prize, which can be anything from cash to cars to houses. Wowowin has been airing since 2015 and has become one of the most popular game shows in the Philippines due to its simple format and high stakes prizes.

In 2020, the show was temporarily put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic but returned later that year with new safety protocols in place. Willie Revillame has announced that he intends for Wowowin to continue airing until 2022, when he plans to retire from hosting duties.

Wowowin Live Today Facebook

Wowowin is a live game show on Facebook that offers amazing prizes to its lucky viewers. Today, you can be one of the lucky ones to win big! Tune in at 3pm – 5pm EST for your chance to win.

Wowowin Episodes

Wowowin is a Philippine game show produced by GMA Network. It premiered on May 10, 2015, replacing the long-running variety show Eat Bulaga! as part of its 45th anniversary celebration. The program is hosted by Willie Revillame.

The show airs every Saturday afternoon on GMA, with replays airing on Sundays at 6:00 p.m.. The first season ended on August 29, 2015, with a total of thirteen episodes. The second season started on October 3, 2015 and ended on December 26, 2015, with a total of thirty-six episodes.

The third season started on January 2, 2016 and ended on March 27, 2016, with a total of forty-five episodes. Season 4 started April 2, 2016 and is currently ongoing. On February 18, 2017 Wowowin became part of GMA’s Telebabad lineup after airing its one-hour special episode “Willie’s Birthday Celebration”.

Gma 7 Wowowin

Wowowin is a Philippine game show broadcast on GMA Network. It premiered on May 10, 2015. The show is hosted by Willie Revillame.

The concept of the show is based on the Korean game show Family Feud. Contestants compete in knockout rounds, with the winners advancing to the next round until only two contestants are left. The winner of each round receives a prize, and the overall winner receives a grand prize.

In each round, two teams of three members each face off against each other in a quiz-like game. Questions are based on surveys of 100 people. Each team has one minute to answer as many questions as possible correctly.

The team with the most correct answers advances to the next round; if there is a tie, a sudden death question is asked to determine which team advances. In the final round, the winning team plays against a celebrity guest for a chance to win an additional prize.

Wowowin Your

Wowowin is a game show in the Philippines that airs on GMA Network. It is hosted by Willie Revillame. The show premiered on May 10, 2015 and currently airs every Sunday afternoon.

The concept of the show is similar to that of other game shows where contestants compete for prizes by answering questions or completing challenges. However, what sets Wowowin apart is its use of an electronic game board which allows for a more interactive and fast-paced gameplay. To join the show, interested participants must go through an audition process wherein they will need to submit a video of themselves playing the game.

Those who are selected to be contestants will then undergo further interviews and screen tests before finally being chosen to appear on the show. Aside from the main contest, Wowowin also features mini-games and lucky draws wherein viewers at home can win prizes by simply watching the show and following instructions given by the host.


Today is the first day of the year 2022, and Wowowin is live today! The show started with a performance by singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre, followed by a dance number by the Wowowin Dancers. Host Willie Revillame then welcomed everyone to the show and thanked them for tuning in.

He also announced that there would be lots of exciting prizes up for grabs on today’s episode, including a brand new car! So make sure to keep watching for your chance to win big!

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