WWE Main Event Results 02/24/2022

Match: Apollo Crews vs. Veer Mahaan

Veer Mahaan comes out as a babyface this time. He’s slapping kids’ hands and everything.

Commander Azeez distracted Veer long enough for Apollo to take control. He attacks Veer in the corner, but it’s all very short-lived as Veer runs him over with a shoulder tackle. Veer easily slams Apollo now. He does a jumping elbow drop next which gets major height. Veer goes off the ropes but is stopped in his tracks with a dropkick from Apollo. Veer tries to use the ropes to get up, but Commander Azeez gets a cheap shot in from the floor.

Apollo once again controls the match. He applies a rear chinlock. Veer quickly fights out, but Apollo knocks him down. Apollo tries to whip Veer into the corner, but struggles. After a few kicks in the gut, he’s able to send him into the corner. Apollo goes to follow, but Veer gets his foot up. Veer sends Apollo into the turnbuckle face first.

Apollo tries to go off the turnbuckle, but Veer does a high kick that connects to Apollo’s gut. Veer now attacks Apollo in the corner. Azeez tries to cause a distraction once again, but Veer knocks him off. Veer then hits a brand new finisher that’s a jumping body splash from a standing position.

The fans are really behind Veer tonight despite him playing the heel for weeks.

Winner: Veer Mahaan

-We get replays of Sami Zayn tricking Nakakura into an Intercontinental championship match, Boogs getting “electrocuted,” and Zayn finally winning the title.

-Clips of Elimination Chamber were peppered in throughout the show.

-We see the promo duel between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are made official for Madison Square Gardens.

Match: Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina (w/ Carmella)

They lock up, but Queen Zelina smacks the back of her head. This irritates Morgan, who charges after her. They tussle, but Zelina runs of her with a shoulder tackle. She poses for the fans who are booing her. Zelina applies a chokehold and shouts to the fans to shut up, but the fans aren’t reacting.

Zelina goes to clothesline Morgan, but she ducks the clothesline with a little Matrix-esque bending. She goes to grab Zelina, but Zelina does a jawbreaker. Zelina runs off the rope and connects to the face of Morgan with a big boot. Zelina applies a read chokehold, but Morgan stands up and falls backward into a turnbuckle, smashing Zelina. Morgan goes off the ropes, but Zelina ducks a clothesline and slams her down face first.

Zelina stomps on Morgan’s shoulder now, trying to dislocate it. Zelina taunts the fans, telling them to shut up once again, which does manage to get a little reaction. Morgan crawls from behind and rolls her up, but Zelina pops up before a 1 count and knocks Morgan back down. Zelina applies an arm lock now and continues to yell into the audience. She calls the audience a bunch of peasants. Morgan fights out of the arm lock with a stalling suplex.

The referee begins counting as neither woman gets their feet. Zelina stands first, but Morgan does a kip-up and roars to the audience. She’s fired up. She goes on the offensive with a fury of punches, then dropkicks her into the corner. Morgan hits a running knee, then flies off the turnbuckle with a missile dropkick. It looks like she’s about to get a 3 count, but Carmella puts Zelina’s foot on the rope.

Zelina gets to her feet and goes off the ropes, but Morgan meets her there and hits her springboard flatliner for the victory.

Winner: Liv Morgan

-We get a full replay of RK-Bros loss to Kevin Owens and Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

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