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NWA USA Result 3/12/22
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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Tim Storm, Austin Idol and Velvet Sky)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Match 1: Miguel Robles vs Devin Graves

Collar and elbow tie up. Graves defeats Robles. Robles go-behind with a waist lock. Graves hits Robles across the ring. Robles pushes tombs. Robles repeatedly kicks Graves’ right hamstring. Robles takes Graves down first to the turnbuckle pad. Robles back to Graves with a clubbing blow. Robles Dropkicks Graves. Graves catches Robles in the air. Graves to belly suplex with an overhead belly. Graves Level Robles with the Body Avalanche. Graves sends Robles into the ring. Robles takes the side Graves to the turnbuckles.

Robles rolls over to Graves for a two count. Graves Clothesline Robles for a two count. The grave enforces longing. Robles with heavy bodyshots. Graves punches Robles in the back. Graves with a sitting Sentinel. The grave goes back to the crevice. Robles teases at Graves. Graves catches Robles in the air. Graves BodySlam Robles. Graves goes for a Running Frog Splash, but Robles gets out of the way. Robles with two running larrets. Robles with a single leg dropkick. The grave refuses to go down. Graves clings to the top rope. Graves with two headbutts. Robles joins The Leaping Neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Miguel Robles via Pinfall

Match 2: Fable Jake vs AJ Kazana

After the bell rings, Jake starts smoking a cigarette. Jake kills Kazana in the gut. Jake applies a side headlock. Kazana kicks Jake across the ring. Jake runs into Kazana. Jake drops Kazana with a shoulder tackle. Jake poses for the crowd. Jake sweeps Kazana’s feet out. Jake cartwheels around the ring. Jake with a basement dropkick for a count. Jake applies a rear chin lock.

Kazana with heavy bodyshots. Kazana kicks Jake across the ring. Jake pulled a clothesline out of Kazana. Jake with a neckbreaker. Jake hits the reverse DDT. Kazana dodges Jake with a back elbow smash. The Kazana side takes Jake to the turnbuckles. Kazana with two physical avalanches. Kazana sends Jake to the ropes. Jake pulled a clothesline out of Kazana. Jake with a running crossbody block. Jake joins TKO to take the win.

WINNER: Fable Jake via Pinfall

Match 3: Matthew Mims vs Diante

Collar and elbow tie up. Mims applies Hammerlock. Mims go-back with waist lock. Mims with a waist lock takedown. Mims employs a side headlock. Diante reverses the hold. Mims with a double leg takedown. Mims grapples Diante’s feet. Diante turns a blind eye to Mims. Diante employs a side headlock. Mims goes for a belly to back suplex, but Diante counters with a side headlock takeover. Mims reverses the hold. Diante whips Mims across the ring. Mims drops Diante with a three shoulder tackle. Mims whipped Diante across the ring. Diante punches Mims in the ribs. Diante hits back with a clubbing blow to Mims.

Diante with heavy bodyshots in the corner. Diante Uppercut Mims. Diante repeatedly stumps Mims on the chest. Diante argues with the referee. Diante with a straight right hand. Diante uses the middle rope as a weapon. Diante and Mims are trading front and back shots. Diante Uppercut Mims. Diante kicks Miss in the ribs. Memes with heavy bodyshots. Diante with a running knee lift for a two count. Diante punches Mims. Diante sends Mims to the corner. Mims takes Diante to the side turnbuckles. Mims duck under two clothespins from Diante. Mims kicks Diante in the gut. Mims with a leaping headbutt. Mims with a running hip attack. The mimes follows that with a running lariat. Mims joins The Big Strong Slam for the win.

Winner: Matthew Mims via Pinfall

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