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AEW Dark Elevation Result 3/14/22
Hertz Arena
Estero, Florida

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Commentary Team: (Tony Schiavone, Paul Waite and Mark Henry)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Match 1: (61-23) Nayla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero vs (0-8) Catalina Perez

Before the bell rings, Perez attacks Rose. Rose pushed her knee into Perez’s midsection. Rose goes for a bodyslam, but Perez lands back on his feet. Perez hits a forearm shot on Rose’s back. Rose drops Perez with leg Lariat. Rose kicks Perez in the face. Rose with a running hip attack. Rose dresses Perez. Rose launches Perez into the corner. Rose Level Perez with The Body Avalanche. Rose hits The Running Cannonball Strike. Rose joins The Beast Bomb to win the victory.

WINNER: (62-23) Nyla Rose via pinfall

Match 2: (64-29) Frankie Kazarian vs (2-1) Tiger Russo

Kazarian avoids the roundhouse kick. Ruas is playing a mind game with Kazarian. Collar and elbow tie up. Kazarian returns Ruas to the turnbuckle. The referee calls for a clean break. Quick Shot Competition. Ruas with a deep arm-drag. Kazarian brought Ruas to the canvas. Wrist Lock Exchange. Ruas is reversed by the Irish whip from Kazarian. Kazarian with a counter hip toss. Kazarian with a deep arm-drawn. Kazarian followed it up with a single leg dropkick. Kazarian with the edge of a knife. Ruas is reversed by the Irish whip from Kazarian. The Kazarian side takes Ruas to the turnbuckles. Ruas drew a clothesline from Kazarian. Kazarian drops Ruas with a guillotine leg drop. Kazarian plays to the crowd.

Ruas with Enzuigiri a step up. Ruas with a German Suplex. Ruas transitions into a ground and pound attack for a two count. A tear appeared on Kazarian’s face. Ruas strikes Kazarian with a hammer on his left hand. Kazarian with heavy bodyshots. Ruas drives his knee into Kazarian’s midsection. Ruas whips Kazarian across the ring. Kazarian with a backslide cover for a two count. Ruas delivers a Gut Punch. Ruas kicks Kazarian in the face. Ruas applies the Cobra Clutch. Ruas brings Kazarian down to the mat. Kazarian throws a Haymaker at Ruas. Kazarian drew a clothesline from Ruas. Kazarian scores an elbow knockdown. Kazarian Clothesline Ruas.

Ruas is reversed by the Irish whip from Kazarian. Kazarian with a flying forearm smash. Kazarian Bodyslam Ruas. Kazarian joins The Springboard leg drop. Kazarian dropped two knife-edged chops. Ruas delivers his combination offense. Kazarian avoids The Sliding Boot. Kazarian with a spinning back kick. Kazarian hugged Ruas to the chest. Ruas dodges Discus Lariat. Ruas takedown with a leg scissor. Ruas applies the triangle choke. Ruas with the inside crib for a two count. Kazarian avoids the roundhouse kick. Kazarian rolls over to Ruas for a two count. Kazarian with a forearm smash. Ruas with a jumping knee strike. Ruas goes for a bodyslam, but Kazarian is back on his feet. Kazarian taps out Ruas for a crossface chicken wing.

WINNER: (65-29) Frankie Kazarian via submission

Match 3: (22-18) Amy Sakura & (32-21) Bunny vs (6-17) Sky Blue & (15-29) Killin King

Bunny and Sky Blue will start things off. Collar and elbow tie up. Blue built into turnbuckles supports. Bunny pushes the blue one. The face of the bunny pie is blue. Blue roll under a cloth from the bunny. Strong lockout. Bunny drove his knee into Blue’s midsection. Bunny pulls Blue to the mat. Bunny slams Blue’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Tags made in sakura. Double Irish Whip. Sakura kicks Blue in the gut. Made with walking knee lift. Sakura repeatedly pats Blue on the back and chest. Sakura kicks King off the ring apron. Sakura whips Blue across the ring. Sakura with the Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Blue Superkicks Sakura to a two count. Blue locks the wrist. King tags himself. Double Irish Whip. Blue with Rising Knee Strike. After a Snap Mare takeover, Reigns with a Running Meteor for a two count. The king taunts Sakura’s hair. King applies the front face lock. Blue tags herself. Blue locks the wrist. Blue grabs a side headlock. Sakura whips Blue across the ring. Blue walks into Sakura. Blue drops Sakura with a shoulder tackle. Bunny intervenes.

Bunny uses the top rope as a weapon. Sakura hits the Queen’s Gambit. Sakura with a running crossbody block in the turnbuckle. Sakura tags in the bunny. Stomp on Blue’s back. Bunny talks to Raja about smack. Bunny is giving shoes to the king. Bunny slams Blue’s head on the canvas. Blue with heavy bodyshots. Bunny responds with a knee lift. Bunny brings Blue to the corner. Bunny is strangling Blue with her boot. Sakura tags herself. Chop Exchange. Sakura rakes blue eyes. Sakura hits Blue in the turnbuckles. Blue overs Sakura for a two count. Blue crawls under Sakura. Blue Tag in King. Reigns with a forearm smash. The king drew a clothesline from Sakura. Reigns with two overhand chops. King with forearms. The king follows him with two clothes. Sakura’s side takes the king to the turnbuckles. The king dives in on Sakura. King Powerslams Sakura for a two count. King applies the front face lock. Bunny tags herself. Bunny goes around the ring. The king pushes Sakura into the bunny. Bunny and Sakura avoid the double crossbody block. Double Superkick. The Twisting Reverse drops Sakura Blue with a DDT. Bunny joins Down the Rabbit Hole to win.

Winners: (23-18) Ami Sakura and (33-21) Bunny via pinfall

Match 4: (8-2) Jay Lethal vs (0-0) Merrick Donovan

Donovan got a fatal kick in the gut. Haymaker Exchange. Donovan with a forearm. Lethal kicks Donovan out of the ring. Donovan kicks Lethal out of the ring. Fatal with a shot in Donovan’s ribs. Lethal took off three knife-edged chops. Lethal repeatedly slams Donovan’s head onto the ring apron. Lethal knocks Donovan off the apron. Lethal with Slingshot Pescado. Lethal airs around the ringside area. Lethal Donovan rolls back in the ring. Donovan slams Lethal on the top rope.

Donovan drops Lethal with The Ripcord Flatliner for a count. Donovan applies a rear chin lock. Lethal with an elbow to Donovan’s midsection. Lethal drives Donovan’s face first into the top turnbuckle pad. The lethal side drives Donovan to the turnbuckle. Lethal dismisses Donovan for a two count. Fatal with a jackknife hold for a two count. Lethal goes for the figure four leg lock, but Donovan counters with the inside cradle for a two count. Fatal with backbreaker/flatliner combination. Lethal joins The Injection for the victory.

WINNER: (9-2) Jay Lethal via pinfall

Match Fifth: (19-4) Ruby Soho vs (0-6) Amber Nova

Soho wants Nova to shake hands with him. Nova takes her knee to the center of Soho. Nova toys with Soho. Drives Soho Nova back to the first turnbuckle. Soho Clubbing with Shoulder Blocks. Soho with a running forearm smash. Soho followed up with a spinning back kick. Soho hugs Nova on the chest. Soho Headbutts Nova. Nova with a falling sled. Nova hits Soho in the back with a clubbing. Attacks the central part of Soho Nova.

Nova drags Soho down on the mat for a count. Nova Sitting applies the abdominal stretch. Soho sends Nova face first to the middle turnbuckle pad. Nova faces Soho first in the top turnbuckle pad. Nova goes for The Sunset Flip, but Soho counters with PK. Soho pulled a clothing line from Nova. Soho Clotheslines Nova. Soho scored an elbow knockdown. Soho with a forearm smash. Blocks boot from Soho Nova. Sleep with knee lift. Soho with a headskisser takeover in the middle turnbuckle pad. Soho hits the back drop driver. Soho locks the wrist. Soho joins No Future to win the victory.

WINNER: (20-4) Ruby Soho by pinfall

Match 6: (13-10) The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs (3-26) Chaos Project

Alex Reynolds and Luther will start things off. Collar and elbow tie up. Luther returns Reynolds to the turnbuckles. Reynolds drew a clothesline from Luther. Reynolds forearm shivering. Reynolds pulled another clothes line from Luther. Reynolds Luther Dropkicks. Luthor scores an elbow knockdown. Luther argues with the referee. Reynolds kicks Serpentico off the ring apron. Reynolds kicks Luther in the face. Reynolds with a missile dropkick for a two count. Luther grabbed Reynolds’ left leg. Serpentico attacked Reynolds from behind. Luther Cell shuddered. Luther strangles Reynolds with his boot. Luther tags in Serpentico. Luther bodyslams Reynolds. Assisted Bulldog. Luther used Serpentico’s head as a beating ram. Serpentico goes into the lateral press for a count. Serpentico engages a side headlock.

Reynolds goes for a belly to back suplex, but Serpentico is back on his feet. Serpentico with a roll through a superkick. Serpentico with the Basement Flatliners for a two count. Serpentico slams Reynolds head on the top turnbuckle pad. Serpentico tags in Luthor. Luther is putting the shoes on Reynolds. Reynolds with heavy bodyshots. Reynolds shakes Luthor with a forearm smash. Luthor with Lariat Inside Out for a two count. Luther barks at the referee. Luther slaps Reynolds in the chest. Luther tags in Serpentico. Reynolds side leads Luther into the turnbuckles. Serpentico inadvertently superkicks Luthor to the floor. Reynolds rolls under a cloak from Serpentico. Reynolds tags in silver.

A clothesline Silver Duck from Serpentico. Silver knocks Luther off the apron. Silver with two cloaks. Silver with two Big Beal throws. Serpentico gets off the Irish Whip with Silver. Silver Powerbombs Serpentico in mid-air for a two count. Luther whips Silver across the ring. Luther with a knee lift. Silver replies with a step up Enzuigiri. Silver Nails Luthor with a running pump kick. Serpentico Superkicks Silver. Reynolds tagged himself. Silver Side steps up to Serpentico in the turnbuckle. The Dark Order joins their Step Up Enzuigiri/Rolling Elbow/Stunner/German Suplex/Jackknife hold combination to win the victory. After the match, Luthor attacked Reynolds from behind. Luther slams Serpentico into Reynolds. Luther closes on Silver. The Dark Order knocks in the ring for the save.

WINNER: (14-10) Dark Order via pinfall

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