Now run free internet in Bangladesh at High speed, without any config

At present, more or less everyone has come to know about free internet. Everyone’s face is now the only question that how to run free in Bangladesh at High speed.

Many people are able to run free internet but are not getting the expected speed.

So let’s introduce you to a great VPN through today’s article that you can use unlimited free internet with great speed internet speed!

First of all, I will show you how to download VPN. For that go to play store and search “R CODE VPN”. Then download the VPN you can see in the screenshot below.

IMG 20230623 004846

For your convenience I am giving the download link of VPN below.
Now open the VPN app. After opening, allow whatever permissions it asks for.
Then you will see an interface like the screenshot below.
IMG 20230623 004914
Now see some mode right above the text “START” right? From there select “UDP/UDP PRO”. Better use “UDP PRO”, get better speed.
Then you see a flag above, click on it. If you have trouble understanding, see the screenshot below.
IMG 20230623 004938
After clicking here you will see many servers but among them only “Singapore/India” will get good speed on these two servers. Select any of the two country servers from there.
Now click on the “START” button below and the VPN will be connected. Now you can use the internet even if you don’t have any data or balance on your SIM.
I have tested this only on Robi, Airtel, GP and Skito sims, you have to try it yourself to see if it works on other sims.
And yes, if you look at the screenshot below, you will see that a time is showing below.
IMG 20230623 004938
After this time, the VPN will not connect. By clicking that button on the side, if you see a 30-second add, about 2 hours will be added here.
IMG 20230623 005005
In this way, you can increase the time by watching the add every now and then. So hopefully you won’t have any more problems.
Sometimes the add takes time to load, wait and try repeatedly then the add will definitely come. If you are using an adblocker on your phone, turn it off.
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