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Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Card And Daily Cipher Today Answer 18 July 2024

Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Card And Daily Cipher Today Answer 18 July 2024: Hamster Kombat, the authority of the Telegram-based game. Hamster Kombat has released the Combo today. Looking for Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Cards Today answer 18 July 2024? They Will Bring You Millions of In-game Coin Reward. Find Them All Here.

Hamster has recently announced a new feature for the Hamster Kombat Game. Hamster Kombat Players from all over the world will be eligible to take part every day to increase their coins.. In addition, players can upgrade the account level by claiming the combo.

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Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code Answer Today 18 July 2024

The Daily Cipher involves solving a Morse code puzzle. Daily Cipher: Unlock 1 Million Coins. Here’s how you can decode it:

  • Input a Dot (.): Tap the hamster once.
  • Input a Dash (-): Tap and hold, then release.

Input Timing: Wait for at least 1.5 seconds before entering the second sequence of a letter to ensure the app recognizes it correctly.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code Answer Today

For July 18, 2024, the Daily Cipher answer is “YIELD“. The sequence is:

Claim Hamster 1M Coin

Y ━ ● ━ ━
I ● ●
E ●
L ● ━ ● ●
D: ━ ● ●

Congrats, you’ve now successfully unlocked 1 million in daily rewards!

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Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Cards Today 17 July

It is important to select the cards in that exact order from left to right. Daily Combo: Earn 5 Million Coins, The rewards will be added to the account once you drag and drop the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo today on the game window.

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Daily Combo: Earn 5 Million Coins For July 16, 2024, the Daily Combo tasks are:

IMG 20240716 184559 869

How to Rewards on Hamster Kombat Daily Combo

Like the other Games, the Hamster Kombat allows the players to complete their tasks easily.

  1. Open the Telegram App: Tap on the Telegram app icon on your device.
  2. Access the “Hamster Kombat” Bot: On the conversation list, click on the verified “Hamster Kombat” bot.
  3. Initiate the Game: Tap on the “Play in one click” button from the chat.
  4. Load the Game: A new page will appear, loading the game on your phone.
  5. Navigate to the “Mine” Section: On the game page, click on the “Mine” option at the bottom.
  6. Select the Menu: Tap on the “Menu” based on the given cards, such as Markets, PR & Team, or Specials.
  7. Open the First Card: Select the card and click on the “Go Ahead” button.
  8. Congrats Notification: A “Congrats” message will be displayed in the game.
  9. Find and Open Two More Cards: Locate and open the remaining two cards one by one.

After completing the above steps, players can get the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo & Daily Cipher rewards on their account.

In addition, there is a cool feature that also allows the users to get daily rewards without doing any task.


The growing popularity of Hamster Kombat and Daily Cipher is evident with the increasing number of active players and subscribers. The introduction of daily Combo Rewards has not only engaged the current player base but also attracted new users.

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