Binace New Offer-Binance 6YA Builders Badge: Collect The Items & Share Up to $180,000 USDT

Binance 6YA Builders Badge: Collect The Items & Share Up to $180,000 USDT, Collect Binance 6YA Builder’s Badge & get a chance to share Up to $180,000 USD in token vouchers.

You can collect badges by completing various tasks, and as you complete each task, you will receive a unique badge. And you Collect Total 3 Badge.

You can total of 3 badges are available: community, blockchain, and education. After you collect all three badges, you will share up to $180,000 USDT. You must be profits 10-20 USDT.

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How To Collect Binance 6YA Builders Badge:

1) Participants must have a Binance account with KYC verification in order to participate in this activity.

2) Now CLICK HERE to visit the activity page directly.

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3) In order to earn the three different badges, you must complete various missions, which are as follows:

  • Refer 1 friend to sign up for a Binance account & complete verification.
  • Complete a single trade with a total volume of 60 USDT (buys and sells) on the BNBUSDT spot/margin trading pair.
  • Buy at least 60 USD via P2P.
  • Make a single deposit worth at least 60 USDT.
  • Make a single card purchase worth at least 60 USDT.

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4) Depending on your understanding, you can complete any of the above activities and receive a badge for it.

5) As you collect all 3 Badges: community, blockchain, and education. You will be eligible for a share of $180,000 USDT.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must complete Binance KYC in order to receive the reward.
  • In order to share the $180,000 reward, you must collect all 3 badges.
  • Token voucher rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the Activity ends.


When we I receive the reward?

The reward will be distributed within two weeks after the Activity ends.

Should I need to complete all the tasks?

You don’t have to complete all the tasks, but you have to complete them until you receive each badge.

Our Opinion:

The Binance 6YA Builders Badge is a great offer to earn a share of up to $180,000 USDT by collecting badges.

You will receive your Builders Badge once you collect all 3 badges, then you will be eligible for a share of $180,000 in token vouchers.

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