Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers Today– Coinbase Learn & Earn $3 SHPING

Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers Today: Coinbase Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Today, Shping Quiz Answers Today. Participate in Coinbase learn and earn Shping quiz campaign and win assured $3 worth of SHPING from this new learn and earn quiz.

To participate, you must have your Coinbase account. New learn & earn SHPING campaign of coinbase is live now. You can participate in this new coinbase quiz and earn assured $3 worth of SHPING for free. If you do not have one then I recommend you create your Coinbase account from the below-given registration link.

This Coinbase learn and earn free $3 SHPING Token is for a limited time so do not miss this chance to earn $3 in SHPING. Shping is a shopping companion app that aims to upgrade the shopping experience for brands and customers using blockchain technology and the quiz is basically based on this topic Coinbase SHPING quiz answers are given below.

Participate In Coinbase Quiz & Earn $3 SHPING

1) Signup or login to your Coinbase account from the link given below.

2) Go to the ‘learn and earn’ section from the menu of the app dashboard.

3) Take the Coinbase SHPING Quiz to earn assured SHPING tokens worth $3.

Note: Coinbase learn and earn reward quiz is available for some countries only.

4) Must verify your ID to become eligible and complete the quiz to earn rewards.

5) Rewards are limited while supplies last and amounts offered for each quiz may vary.

6) You can participate and earn only once per Coinbase learn and earn quiz.

Coinbase SHPING Quiz Answers Today

Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers Today
Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers Today

Coinbase SHPING Quiz Answers

Q1) How can brands interact with consumers using Shping?

Option A) Customers can reward brands with cryptocurrency

Option B) Customers create NFTs for brands

Option C) Brands can reward consumers for engagement

Option D) Brands distribute NFTS to paying customers

Correct Answer: (Option C) Brands can reward consumers for engagement

Q2) SHPING rewards are indexed against which stablecoin?

Option A) DAI

Option B) BTC

Option C) USDT

Option D) USDC

Correct Answer: (Option C) USDT

Q3) After soft-launching in Australia, how many users has the Shping app grown to?

Option A) Over 10,000 users

Option B) Over 100,000 users

Option C) Over 300,000 users

Option D) Over 50,000 users

Correct Answer: (Option C) Over 300,000 users

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