Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz Answers Today: Share 60,000 Free COMBO In Locked Products

Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz: Complete a Quiz on COMBO to Receive a Free COMBO Locked Products Position. After you complete the Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz Answers, you will be eligible to receive 60,000 COMBO in locked products.

With this Binance COMBO Quiz, you will gain a deeper understanding of how you can earn daily rewards from Binance Simple Earn. The first 50,000 new Simple Earn users who read the article on COMBO & take the quiz will be eligible to share a reward.

This activity is valid from 7th July 2023 to 25th July 2023. Promotion Period: 2023-07-07 10:00 (UTC) to 2023-07-25 10:00 (UTC). Participate during the offer period to be eligible for the reward.

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How to Participate Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz?

  1.  Download the Binance app & must complete your KYC process.
  2.  Now CLICK HERE to take the quiz.
  3. Must read the “COMBO – A Game-Focused Layer 2 Scaling Solution for Web3 Game Developers” article before taking up the quiz.
  4. Now give the correct answers to the question in order to receive a reward.
  5. COMBO rewards will be automatically locked in Simple Earn Locked Products for 150 days, where users can enjoy 10% APR.

Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz Answers

Q1) What is token ticker of COMBO token?


Q2) What is the target audience of COMBO?

ANSWER: Web3 Game Developers

Q3) Which scaling solution does COMBO apply?

ANSWER: Optimistic Rollup

Q4) Which layer 1 does COMBO currently build on?


Q5) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of COMBO?

ANSWER: Low Transaction Per Second (TPS)

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Binance Earn Week COMBO Quiz TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  • Those who answer incorrectly can retake the quiz.
  • The reward will only credit to the first 50,000 new Simple Earn users.
  • The offer is valid till 25th July 2023.


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